Floral Dreams

That was the nature of the exercise. Find some lilies, find some more flowers and see how they fit together.

An interesting exercise if you like that sort of thing.

be2Mind you the lilies took some finding. Then came the question which flowers to put with them?

be5   be6

Regular readers will know that my knowledge of flowers is not that good.
Trying to do the exercise completely in camera wasn’t terribly successful. I find after the first image has been taken lights flash and continue flashing until you shoot again, I panic and take whatever seems to come next – not a good was of producing an impressive shot.



We seem to be getting away from lilies but maybe no one will notice

Jiggling abut in Photoshop (note the impressive use of technical terms) with each picture was more successful and that is what you can see here. Did I write the recipe down – of course – on a post-it note – wherever it is!
Nothing like being methodical and as you know I am (frequently nothing like being methodical).


Better luck next week