Sailing in the sunshine with a 100 year old lady

Last weekend’s Punt Open Regatta on Barton Broad was idyllic. Lots of sunshine to tempt out the crews and a fair wind – not quite true – a fairly gusty wind if the truth is known.


Lots of action pictures.


Lots of hiking out just for the cameras

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And even a chance to put up a spinnaker or two.


For me the star of the show was Prawn a punt which was built in 1918 and which in two week’s time celebrates its 100th birthday.


She is unquestionably a beautiful boat, carefully and lovingly restored by Bill and Alison Glover. Prawn is smaller than modern day racing punts and is more like the dimensions that the old gun-punts used by the wildfowlers. The shape of her sails is also distinctive and quite different from those used on more recent craft.





Bill reckons that she sails well in light winds and can be a real challenge to the big boys but can be much more of a handful when conditions are rough.


Nevertheless she put up a good display on Saturday in testing conditions. From a photography point of view Prawn is a great boat – not only does she have sleek compact lines, but because she carries much less sail, she is easier to catch up and is a delight to watch.

Happy birthday Prawn