Something unusual at the Royal Norfolk Show

I’ve rather lost count of the number of Norfolk Shows I have attended. This week the weather was kind and the company good. As always I took a camera, but with little idea of what I was looking for.

What I was looking for was something unusual. I could have taken pictures of the livestock, the showjumpers or the flower show. But in a business-like way I set about photographing the ladies (and one gentleman) with unusual hats.


The parachute display team were of course stunning. What I found unusual were the fantastic patterns they created with the smoke they let off.


Then of course there was the daredevil motorcyclist, who did tricks and talked at the same time (talented and unusual). I suppose quite a number of people in the audience possessed quad bikes, but I am willing to bet that few of them could have emulated his antics in the air on a quad bike. Unusual indeed and not something to practise down on the farm.


The real surprise for me though was to hear and watch the Home Education Signing Choir performing just in front of the members’ pavilions. I have never heard and watched a signing choir before. I can recommend this one. The children in the choir all had hearing problems so probably they couldn’t sing as you and I might. They signed the words and followed the actions of the conductor. What was unmistakable was the look of joy and happiness on their faces. Music is a great art. When I perform it or listen to it perhaps I smile a little. These youngsters by being involved in the music smiled a lot. Clearly for them taking part in their own special way was a great joy.B0N8A8745


Claire Conducting

The whole performance was a great credit to all of those who organised it and especially to Claire Gebbett the conductor. For me truly something unusual at the Royal Norfolk Show.