Do I need glasses?

0N8A8183One of the things I lose the most in life are my glasses (along with my car keys, my mobile phone and my wallet) – but enough of family confessions. The sort of glasses I saw yesterday were stunning.

IMG_7203     IMG_7205







Someone suggested that a good place for photographs might be a glass works. So after a brief phone call I found that Langham Glass – sadly no longer in the delightful village of Langham in North Norfolk, but in Fakenham – performed daily demonstrations of the art of glass making.

0N8A8149   0N8A8162

The premises in Langham, which certainly had character have been replaced in Fakenham by a rather a boring building from the outside, but presumably commercial access is much easier.

The goodies produced inside the glass works are stunning and seem more varied these days; although a bit pricey for my pocket.


However I was there to see if the works provided a photo opportunity.

You could go there with a friend and watch the demonstration of glass shaping and glass blowing. If there were more than three of you though, I think you would tend to get in each other’s way. The lighting, although good for the glass maker, is poor for photography. I was working on an ISO of 2000 and at times was struggling to get much more than 1/80 second. When Ian the demonstrator moved around the various furnaces, I managed a decent reading of 1/250 but as I was using a 70-200mm lens so that didn’t give me much spare.


Glass about to be blown


Tripods would be difficult because there are chairs in the viewing gallery where anyone paying the entry fee could go and sit and there is a necessary bar which restricts the area in which the audience may move.


Still a craftsman’s art



In the end there is only one demonstrator – he talks well and explains carefully what he is making. He’s good with answers to questions and provides an entertaining commentary. A group of photographers would find the access and the lack of choice of position limiting. But if you are going there on your own with a camera it is all right.


0N8A8215Take plenty of shots – as you will see from some of mine many will suffer from movement and slow speed – but it is a good show.