Totally mind stretching

There are some of my readers who find my photographs a bit out of the ordinary (you are allowed to cough) – “strange,” I have heard it said -”weird,” that’s a real compliment. However all of that is nothing compared with many of the pictures at Photo London this year.


There you would have seen strange photographs that are wildly imaginative; terrific compositions, but one has to be prepared to engage with the unusual.


My favourite this year was the work of Edward Burtynsky whose large format industrial landscapes won him the Photographer of the Year award at Photo London.

DSC07010   DSC06908

He has created a massive panoramic view or a quarry which covered an entire wall. Some of his other pictures, like the work of Andreas Gursky take on an abstract quality.


Looks unusual









This year though many of the galleries were displaying “vintage / retro images” which is a trendy term for old photographs. The prices also were trendy and frankly unbelievable. I hope this fashion fades quickly. The sales I saw happening were not for those works.


It was good to see that images of photographers like Nick Brandt and Stephen Wilkes were still popular. Large pictures with distinctive styles.

Here are a few to give you some ideas


A sort of variation on a theme of day to night!

DSC07017    DSC07018

The one on the left is the picture on the right viewed from the side. Parallel strips of glass


I didn’t find any of these pictures compelling but the arrangement and the variation of mounts  – some skill


This one is interesting but I don’t think I would want it on my wall.


Meet the photographer Michael Flomen.

Below is his masterpiece


Lots of new ideas for even bigger pictures. Reinvigorated I shall ride off into the sunset with my camera. Does anyone know where there might be a quarry to let?