Where do you think you’ve been?

0N8A5034Hi there sorry there was no blog last Friday but Moya and I decided to head off into the unknown. Well not quite the unknown – it was to Italy – a country where neither of us had been before. Lake Garda ( bet you’re impressed with my pronunciation! – all said with an Italian accent)

No you’re not going to get a travelogue. Maybe in a week or so I’ll mention some of the other places we visited but this week you have pictures around the lake itself.

Lake Garda was fabulous and just a touch exotic. Of course the good weather helped, but the small towns around the lake all have a life and a character of their own.


Gardone we reached by boat and that can be an adventure in itself. But it was reputed to have a rather unusual botanical garden. Me thinks its creator 0N8A5234had a few Buddhist leanings – even so what a splash of colour.









Another small town was Bardolino. “It has a small market” we were told. Small? – it was vast in fact we never managed to find one end of it.


Vast and such colourful stalls selling everything you could ever want but would not be able to get in your suitcase for the return to the UK.


No I couldn’t work out what it was either!

Perhaps the most unusual was Sermione. A touch busy, but the whole town was enchanting. It was like stepping back into one of those Little World of Don Camillo books. It could only be Italy.



Fascinating shops


And secret places
















One of the great points about our little continental escapade was that we decided to go by rail instead of flying. It really gives you a sense of distance. Terrific trains and stations whose names I only ever knew from my geography book (Yes they had invented geography when I was at school.) More about that and more about Italy and other time. Venice was spectacular – maybe I’ll log that in a week or so.

See you next Friday.