Putting People in the Picture

I was led astray. My project manager encouraged me to take photographs at the Forum in Norwich during the craft workshops. Given the location and the wonderful vista one has from the balcony, I thought a panorama would be appropriate. (you’re not allowed to say “what a surprise!” sarcasm doesn’t become you).


Picture one

As always with these shots there has to be an overlap and of course one cannot shout at everyone to stand still while the photograph is being taken. Nevertheless I would have thought that the result would be pretty consistent. Apparently not. The first attempt at combining the 52 images is shown as photograph 1 – a second attempt from the same collection of pictures produced photograph 2. There was a minimum of cropping and cleaning up but what is interesting is the difference between the figures in each picture.


Picture two


It’s rather like one of those competitions that I used to do as a youngster, where one had to find 10 alterations between the two pictures. Sadly this time there is no prize for spotting the differences here, but I would be interested to hear from anyone who can score more than 15, or who can find the one of the panoramas with the same lady in it twice.

Good luck – have a good weekend