Bird’s eye view

Far into the depths of the Pensthorpe Nature Reserve in North Norfolk there is a small discreet hide. A few meters in front of it is a collection of bird feeders.


Obviously someone from the centre keeps the feeders well charged, but noticeably fewer visitors seem to venture that far into the woods.


I suppose from a management point of view that is a bad thing, but from the position of a photographer or an enthusiast, it is quite a good thing. Interesting birds and a selection of wildlife arrive at the feeders almost, one feels, for a few moments of peace and quiet.

IMG_5509e  IMG_5517

As I arrived, (but typically before I got the camera out) a small lesser spotted woodpecker appeared then left. Another occupant of the hide said that the last time he was there a family of deer popped in for a look round and a drink.


The visitors I saw were far more mundane, but as an escape from life, the universe and everything, it was a precious time with familiar friends.


Bird’s Eye View