Welcome to the Gadgetography show

panorama2cI enjoyed my visit to the Photography show at NEC this week.


That is some tripod and a step ladder?



Enter Drone – from above







Did I purchase anything? Not really! But when one goes looking for inspiration in that atmosphere there is a fair chance that one might be disappointed. If I had wanted a drone,  the latest mirrorless camera, a tripod around ten feet tall or hundreds of other must-have attachments, all carefully hidden away in clear plastic bags, I would have been in business. They all cost money and money is what the show is all about – or at least that’s the way it looks to me.


“Clarity Beyond Comparison?”     What does that mean…?



I was grateful to find that some photographers were prepared to go on a stage and talk about skills, how to take a great portrait or how achieve good results using natural lighting, but tips and tricks were few and far between. Many of the recommended techniques seemed inextricably linked to some device or other that would (at a price) make the whole thing easier or faster. There again when the people at the top are, it is said, “ambassadors” I suppose the commercial element has to predominate.


When one spends quite a lot of time each week trying to explain and explore artistry in photography and telling people that taking photographs is not just pointing a camera and pressing a shutter, I felt it was a shame that fewer people than ever were prepared to spend time talking thoughtfully about how to present photography as an art form regardless of equipment.


For me the tired little man who no longer felt strong enough to pursue anything let alone perfection had my respect – sit down, sort it all out and be grateful for what you have.

Strangely enough I find that attitude personally profitable.