Go See Gursky at the Hayward

A simple message for all photographers who struggle with Photoshop. Go and see what is possible in the art of manipulation of images by Andreas Gursky.


These photographs on display at the Hayward Gallery in London until 22nd April are stunning.

DSC06724   DSC06663

For a start they are massive reproductions.

Careful examination of the works reveals just how may individual pictures have been blended together to make each photograph. They are painstakingly created. I managed to tag on to a college lecturer who was taking his students round. He pointed out to his students how each picture was put together, often showing them some of the original photographs Gursky was using.


As Eric Morcambe would have said – “You can’t see the join…” – only you can when it is pointed out by someone who knows how it is done.

Even so if is worth going down to the bit city just to see this exhibition alone.


Inspires one to have a go. Viz my panorama taken in the foyer of the gallery. The chap sitting there wasn’t, if you see what I mean!    Sort it out for yourself.


From me the Hayward Gallery gets a five star rating – not sure I would recommend their café – the Asian Broth they served up as soup was “unusual” if you follow me. It followed me for the rest of the day!

What the Hayward Gallery says about the Gursky Exhibition

Driven by an interest and insight into ‘the way that the world is constituted’, as well as what he describes as ‘the pure joy of seeing’, Gursky makes photographs that are not just depictions of places or situations, but reflections on the nature of image-making and the limits of human perception. Often taken from a high vantage point, these images make use of a ‘democratic’ perspective that gives equal importance to all elements of his highly detailed scenes.