The ups and downs of Ely


Looking down inside from the roof

You have to hand it to the Dean and chapter of Ely Cathedral, they are one of the few cathedrals in the UK who will let you up on to the roof. Not only that, they will allow you to look down and even point your camera roughly in that direction. Naturally there is quite a lot of crossing my palm with silver goes on before they let you do any of those things, but in allowing you “up top” they are very continental.



Others with a head for heights



I don’t think jumping is the issue here




Having wandered around the rooftop in places like Santiago de Compostela with total freedom, it comes as something of a surprise to find that an English establishment, with all that health and safety legislation breathing down its neck, will permit me to have a jolly ramble round the roof.


This gives me a crick in my neck even to look at it


So this week as a thank you to all those who let me off the leash for a few hours last week in Ely, I have produced some pictures which show the roofs from the floor and the floor from the roof, as well as a selection of the people and creatures who are discreetly concealed half way up one or other of the walls. I have sneaked in one orthodox or semi orthodox shot of the Nave as a “Hi there” to the lady from the West Midlands who contacted me saying she liked the pictures and wondered if HDR might be a “treatment for ageing ladies” My High Dynamic Resolution pictures have been viewed with great suspicion many times, but never with that in mind.


Hope you all manage to keep warm this weekend.