Pictures of the Week. Going wild at Pensthorpe


Okay guys Coastal Command is here


A selection of my half term images from Pensthorpe in North Norfolk.


Being half term it got pretty wild.

The situation at Pensthorpe brought about my total admiration.

I admired the generosity of the parents buying bird food at £1 a bag. £1? Not even a bar of chocolate costs that! But there again perhaps I only eat rubbish chocolate.

I admired the courage of the youngsters off on their mission to feed the birds. Noble sentiments indeed for the preservation of wildlife.


I can see grub can you?


I admired the way in which the birds seemed to possess a sixth sense which enabled them to discriminate between groups of people. There’s no doubt that they knew who had got grub for them and who hadn’t. It could of course have been sight, or even the rustling sound the bag made. Then they would mob the individual food pusher. It produced lots of good photographs for the photographer, but not so good for the child concerned, who either ditched the lot before he or she got as far as the pond or thrust it back into the safe keeping of the indulgent parent.


Those two were never going to agree


Either way it created a pretty wild scene.


Wild Scene


So this week you get scrummaging birds, a spider which tried to be everywhere at once and a mystery picture.

0N8A2236e                    0N8A2202

Mystery? Well it may cause one or two of my regulars to ponder a little.

Mystery for me also because I am sure this feature ought to have a technical name – which I am sure an arboriculturalist will supply for me (please).


Have a wild weekend