It’s one of those unmissable opportunities

You know how you turn up for a photography exhibition when one photographer produces his or her very best work. Well on this occasion you can see not one but nine photographers of distinction – or eight photographers of distinction and me – Put your tongue away auntie.

tmsOn Sunday 11th February Julia Rafferty’s Tuesday afternoon people are exhibiting their work at one of Thorpe Market’s Snowdrop Sundays. That’s Thorpe Market church near Cromer NR11 8UA.

I thought I would give you a nudge so that you have nine days to work out an excuse for why you can’t do what is already written in your diary and come along instead to Thorpe Market Church between noon and 4pm. The snowdrops alone are impressive and worth a visit – then there’s tea and undoubtedly cakes – but who cares about calories? You can easily work them off walking round the meadow where the snowdrops are. Then, when you’re exhausted you’ll be ready to come and look at the pictures. Remember – some of mine are always better looked at with eyes half closed. It stops the dizzy spells.


That’s where we will be – Thorpe Market Church


Come and meet Julia Rafferty – and if the queue’s too long, you can always contact her about available courses at

See you next weekend