Here’s one I prepared earlier

steptoe3This week the weather has been pretty awful up here on the North Norfolk coast with fog or at least heavy mist lingering all day. Not the sort of weather to tempt me out with the camera.


So by Wednesday I was digging away in my “as yet to be published files” and I came up with an outing I undertook at the beginning of November when there were still leaves on the trees and bright morning sunshine – even if it was arriving at quite a low angle. Each time I cycle in to Holt I pass a small holding which boasts a wonderfully cluttered yard. With sunshine it becomes a magical kingdom of shapes and colours. That morning I couldn’t resist taking some bracketed exposure shots to give an HDR effect. Friends who know and hate my choice of HDR presets will realize that I love Scott5 setting – so here it is. Yes I know it’s gaudy… and do I hear outrageous? – Fine – I can live with that.


Well beware there’s another one like that as well because I stopped off at one of my favourite locations in the wood.


The portrait orientated picture was taken at the same time and that was given an HDR effect from HDR Efex Pro in the Nik collection.


“What one earth!!!” I hear you ask is the picture of the pill box doing here? A close look at the image should reveal that it was taken in the fog and has been given the HDR treatment. This building is one which I cycle past most days. I am always grateful that the farmer has left it intact. I find it a very moving reminder of the freedom which we enjoy. It would have been constructed in the 1940s when that freedom seemed in jeopardy, when there was a real possibility that the UK could be invaded. I wonder who the men were who manned that defensive position and what they thought their chances of survival might have been if the worst came to the worst. Somehow the fog yesterday made all that much more real so I took a number of pictures of it. Apologies for the halo effect – could just be that I overcooked it a bit. There we are – it stands as it is. A bit forlorn but never forgotten.


Have a good weekend