It seemed like a good idea at the time

paris1A new project says my project manager – “fragmented photography!”

Your guess is as good as mine!

Then he showed me the work of Pep Ventosa. Now I had heard of him, but of course hadn’t really investigated his work in detail. It’s sort of taking pictures of the same object from different positions and then blending them all together. That’s the idea. Some of the chap’s work looks quite good. Mine I’m less sure about.

0N8A9509                 0N8A9506

Clearly Pep Ventosa didn’t have truculent stallholders to contend with – ones that say “Oi Mister…why you takin’ lots of pictures of my stall? You ain’t from the tradin’ are yer?”


At tense moments like that my PM decides he needs to go for a cup of tea and I am left trying to explain about fragmented photography on my own to a bloke who just wants me to move on.



Much the same story in the malls. “We don’t allow photography in here”, said the faceless security man whose peak cap extended to the tip of his nose, “because of ram raiders!!!”

I wasn’t sure that my camera would get in the way of ram raiders, but that argument was dismissed. They were afraid I was planning a raid. Quite how I would get a vehicle to do the ram raid up the escalator wasn’t clear and I didn’t like to get involved in too many technical questions.


Fortunately I had already got a handful of images in the camera.

So whereas Pep Ventosa uses 12 images of his scene – I had to manage with 4.

As darkness descended the crew sort of lost interest in the main proceedings and got “jolly”

Better than post-Christmas depression I suppose.adrian2