Why do they do it?

I don’t believe that when the air temperature is 3 degrees C and there is a 13MPH wind blowing that the sea looks at all tempting to anyone. The sun may be shining and the sea temperature may be two degrees higher than the air temperature but it’s still *** cold.


So what on Boxing Day morning at 10am drives so many people in to the sea at Cromer for the traditional Boxing Day Dip? One ought to be able to get tablets for an urge like that.

My picture of the week tries to show the range of emotions I became aware of just before, during and in one case after the event.


I reckon everyone deserves full marks though.
The organisers who didn’t relax their attention throughout.
The Lifeguards who were in all the right places at the right time.
The supporters who were standing by with warm drinks, dry clothes and the contact details of local psychiatrists.0N8A9774


On of the organisers


Competitors? Well judge for yourself!

0N8A9818Perhaps the real reason was the desire, the need to do something that would give the Stroke Association just a few more pennies. I would like to think they raised lots of money and I would like to think that’s why quite a lot of the competitors did it.