It’s all about being switched on

0N8A9098I have been called many things, but “switched on” has never been one of them. When we had boring lecturers at college or tedious sermons in church, I was capable of switching off and my father must be the only person I know who ever fell asleep during the Sound of Music when he was dragged to see it at the cinema by my mother.

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At one stage or another various members of my family have been described as switched on, but somehow the accolade always seemed to avoid me. “Fair and square” yes, “strange” often and even once or twice “a legend” but never “switched on.” Earlier this year we managed a rapid trip to Blackpool where the famous illuminations were about to be switched on and I managed a few blurry pictures of the Tower lit up – lack of a tripod you see. Those images I will keep on the back-burner for another occasion, but this week we had reason to be in Norwich where the annual lights were proving to be quite an attraction.


We liked the tunnel of light and wondered how it is that one bulb could possibly achieve more than one colour. Bit of a mystery really and there’s no point in you shaking your head sadly before ere long I shall be back there and photograph just one bulb to prove it.

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It’s quite a spectacle – so too is Norwich Castle. A fantastic projection.

Well worth a visit – go on – become one of the switched on people who take the whole family. But wrap up warm.