Photograph of the week Featuring the work of Photographer Simon Webster

08-AugustSimon says “I have been interested in photography for a few years and have been experimenting with different genre to see what I enjoy shooting. Currently like portraiture and am starting a light orb painting project in the near future.



Recently I have created a Spin theme calendar for the Meniere’s Society which supports people with dizziness and balance disorders. The inspiration for this collection of spin-themed images comes from the title of the Society’s Spin magazine and the day-to-day spins that have become part of my life with this life-changing condition.”


For those who would like to know more about the Meniere’s Society here is their web address.

The calendar has at least 8 more great images on it and copies of the calendar may be ordered from the Meniere’s Society or simply by contacting me.

Have a good weekend  – Robin