Odd bottles and bits of wood (Photos of the week)


That’s not a very imaginative title! But it’s been a busy old week round at our house. Quite a lot of time has been spent clearing out the garage so that a new roof could be put on it. The old one leaked and while it made nice patterns on the ceiling the strategic placing of buckets and bowls round the place became too much of an obstacle course and a balancing act. So it had to go.




So much junk came out – with of course lots of “Oh I wondered where that had gone” and a good dollop of “What on earth has that come off?”

Amidst all the junk the project manager kept saying “That’d make a nice picture!” and “Ooh look at that” So here’s a few items from his selection.


Photoshop? Who me?? You ought to know better than ask!


Have a great weekend