But it’s not even a photograph


I know, I know, but it is all constructed in Photoshop – I blame the Harris Museum in Preston.












Last week, as ardent followers of this blog (all 1½ of them) will know, I visited the Harris Museum in Preston. Believe me it’s worth a trip. It is totally inspiring.

During the visit I caught sight of a quilt – part of this creation is the header illustration this week. That reminded me of the pattern which is known as tumbling blocks and which fascinates me.


I did a massive search of the World Wide Web for a template of it that would work in Photoshop. Nothing – lots of templates, but they all involved drawing on paper followed by scissors then stitching.

To put it mildly I am no great shakes with a needle and thread – can’t even manage to darn my socks (Yes I know no one darns socks these days – but I had to think of some illustration to describe my uselessness in this respect).


Back to Photoshop. Starting with two triangles I set about constructing the basic pattern.

Several hours later Voila…! Or something like that.It keeps me out of mischief and away from the pub at night.

I can live with the “it makes my eyes go funny” comments and the “it makes me feel sick!” kindly meant I’m sure. But there we are. This week’s blog.


Have a good weekend