Youth Regatta is Special

Someone did remark last week that there had been no blog yet on the Youth Regatta. That’s true, but the photographs are on the website and there have been a goodly number of visitors – not seen it yet? Shame on you. Off you go now to and look in the sailing gallery. See you later!


Welcome back. This year’s Youth Regatta was held on Oulton Broad – that’s down south as far as I am concerned. However it is a lovely setting and unlike many of the northern broads good for the mums and dads who come along as spectators. The weather was also kind – a fair wind, plenty of sun and a few big clouds (photographers like those).

Trainers and owners enclosure








Lots of competitors Opys, Toppers, I think there was a Splash in there somewhere, and an RS terra; Lasers of course, a 29er and a Bittern.


The Bittern is such an unspectacular boat – very steady but the crew always have the last laugh, because they win – at least they have for the last two years. If a Bittern is carefully sailed all it has to do is finish and the handicap will do the rest. This one was well sailed. Congratulations men.

This crew in a 420 were having “moments” also














The 29er was much more spectacular. It charged about the broad at high speed and was clearly proving a handful for the crew, but they had fun and they also made one or two good pictures.

Toppers in a line are of course highly photogenic.

What delights me about the Optimist sailors is that they are terrifically relaxed – even more so than the Toppers – and they chat to each other as they sail round. Come on men (and women) this is supposed to be a race, what happened to the Grrrrrr? Not something of course that I would ever say to them. They always seem to be having a delightful social among themselves and shouldn’t be disturbed.





You wouldn’t catch the Laser owners doing that. With the least puff of wind they are off, working hard and don’t their faces show it.

At the end of the day there is the prize-giving? Yes of course it’s important. The mums and dads do pay polite attention.

The team coaches look a bit tense, but the youngsters stay quite relaxed. For them the most important thing seems to be “are there any chips?” – or ice cream, but only if it’s warm. Never mind the cups, never mind if you drop your presentation glasses – it’s the chips that are important.

Chips are over to the right boys


I wish sailing competitions would continue that way. The Broadland Youth Regatta is for me enjoyable, relaxed, with competitors having fun and enjoying the sport – sailing at its best.