Maybe not what we came for (Picture of the week)

Regatta this year was a much more docile affair than of late. At the start of each day Barton Broad was virtually windless and the crews struggled to get any movement out of their boats.

Very artistic!

Nice reflections in the water but bags of frustration for the crews and the organisers who just wanted to get on with the races









Some crews spent more time talking to each other than normal, some spent a good deal of time in the tea hut eating cake and there was lots of it and I found one listening to the cricket! Really!


Even the photographer made time to take pictures of the water round the pontoons. Good abstract stuff. Possibly someone will like it.

Well at least someone got some action


In the end I would have to admit that it was quite relaxing. As I poked the camera in the direction of the cruisers, the crews they found time to stop and smile. Usually life for them is far too hectic for that sort of thing


We all got something out of the two days – but maybe it wasn’t quite what we came for. In my case nice pictures but not terribly exciting ones.