Being in the right place (Pictures of the week)

By popular demand I am publishing a series of photographs taken earlier in the season.

It’s more a creation of the week rather than a picture of the week


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For those readers who have never heard of a Norfolk Punt – this is one. The Punt has a long history and began life as a wildfowling boat – fairly pointed at each end for access to the reed beds which surround many of the waterways of the Norfolk Broads. Towards the end of the nineteenth century some local boatmen added a sail and the rest is history.

Today Norfolk Punts are very fast racing boats which require a lot of skill and a fair amount of strength to sail well. There are plenty of photographs of them being sailed on my website


For those with concerns about this sequence of pictures


Who are the two being photographed?

Andrew and his daughter Elske


Are they good sailors?        Yes

Taken back in 2014


Why did they capsize?         It was a stormy day with quite a wind blowing but essentially they went over because the rudder broke


Were they in any danger?    Not really. Sharp eyed observers may notice that on some of the pictures there is a red boat a little way away. That is a safety boat which would have intervened if either the helm or crew were in danger.

How come you got the pictures?   Pure chance. Punts running at speed often make good pictures and I simply kept on shooting. The breaks in sequence were caused by other Punts getting in the way so I edited out those shots.


Promise – next week I will do something about regatta.