Whatever keeps you happy

Having studied photography for three years, albeit in a fairly amateurish way, I would have to admit that I am no nearer knowing what makes a good photograph than when I started. What is it that makes people go “wow – I like that”?

I have heard all the basic rules – think about thirds, make sure your subject is moving in to the picture, look for triangles, symmetry or even that wonderful thing called a Fibonacci spiral. You name it – I’ve tried it, been there done that – couldn’t find the tee shirt though.

Naturally I have tried showing my pictures around. And the comments come “Yeh that’s all right” – otherwise known as damned with faint praise, “golly that’s unusual” which means try again. “That picture makes me feel sick” (sort that one out for yourselves).


Don’t get me wrong there are some pictures that almost everyone likes. Inevitably of course they are the ones I don’t like.


I am coming to the conclusion that everyone has their own set of principles and standards of judgement. What one person likes another person hates. Otherwise known as a subjective approach.


This week and next week my pictures of the week are going to be about sailing. So if you don’t like boaty pictures take a break for the next fortnight. However instead of just one picture I will try to produce a selection.









I hope my formal friends will be catered for, my arty friends, my off-beat friends, my “hey look there I am in the boat on the left” friends, who will all discover at least one pleasing shot. And, guess what, the odd one out will be one that I like.

By way of a post-script, we are without an internet connection at the moment. This week’s blog is being launched by the kindness of friends, so you are sticking your tongue out in vain. Just go back and have a look at all the pictures. I am sure there will be one that keeps you happy.


Have a good Bank Holiday