Splashing about on the Broads (Pictures of the week)

All the thrills and the splashing?

There’s great variety (of one sort or another) on the Broads. Variety of scenery, variety of boats and variety of skills. From time to time most sailing clubs have open days when anyone can come along and try out a little gentle sailing. That’s how it’s supposed to be but the weather doesn’t always get the “gentle” bit quite right.

Hey crew – stay with the skipper!

Tim’s never lost anyone yet








More splashing about can be seen with older hands who sometimes come unstuck – or did he?





Apart from small boats there are of course big boats. They can make a big splash, especially when there is a photographer in their sights.

They can take some getting out of the way of

Do you suppose they are heading for me?

Like I said – scenic stuff!