Pictures of the Week Graffiti mania

I grew up enduring dull buildings and harsh uninteresting walls. In post-war Britain architects had discovered what they could do with concrete. They had a ball, the manufacturers made a fortune and the rest of us had to put up with blank grey walls, which must have looked fine on the drawing boards but which certainly gave me the pip.

At about the same time someone invented spray paint. Presumably they had always sprayed the paint on motor vehicles but the appearance of weather-proof paint in a can caused something of a sensation.

Suddenly those blank grey surfaces started to be daubed – at first mainly with words – usually the sort of words which were not permitted by the BBC. It was discovered that if they were sprayed at night the culprit had a more than evens chance of not being caught. That was the other good thing about spray paint – it was silent. Even Kilroy got a look in and appeared in quite unusual locations.


Fortunately for the hasty scrubbers off from the local authority words gave way to artwork – some of it rather attractive artwork and one or two inspired souls in authority had the bright idea of leaving it. And if they left it perhaps they could promote more. That would ensure that either it died the death of legitimacy or it flourished.

I leave my readers to judge for themselves on the result.

What I have put forward as my picture(s) of the week are examples from Norwich and London of leisure places for young people.

I hope the bus company don’t see this one