The Bigger Picture

The products of a winter spent hanging around Norwich Cathedral and many hours sitting at the computer.

The two pictures of the cloister may have been aired before but for the sake of completeness here they are again.











No one seems to pay much attention to the west window and many of the guide books are rude about it. This picture is made up of 35 images and I think the resulting detail is stunning although the content may not be to your liking.

The circular picture underneath the tower is made up of 102 images – all shot with a Canon 5DS-R. It took no less than three shoots – the last one just to capture the windows that had not been visible on the original sunny day. Basic fisheye effect was achieved with Auto-pan Pro and amazing piece of software. Even so the final effect had to be achieved with manual manipulation of the images. My thanks to the long-suffering Cathedral Vergers who feared I had taken root.