Ideas Ideas Ideas – from Photo London 2017

Not been? There’s still time if you are reading this on Friday, Saturday or Sunday – Photo London where dozens of galleries from London, Europe, the Americas and as far away as Japan show their treasured displays

There are old friends like William Klein – instantly recognizable











This year more than ever there seem to have been some amazing techniques

Robert Currie’s masterpiece of photography and engineering

A bit misty – now look from the side                             and then more closely












Jim Campbell’s creation in plexiglass cause a few odd looks

– was that really a shadow that passed across the image? Look closely sir and you will see another one.





Stephen Wilkes’ latest creation can’t be viewed quickly or casually – not once you realize what it is

Paloma Navares  takes a prize for me. I think his hanging images are fabulous

Odd shapes, odd textures















but I’ll wager no one went home disappointed