Pictures of the Week – Anne Johnson (Looking at Glass)


I very much enjoy abstract and macro photography – it’s nice to try and produce something a little different.



When these two genres come together it’s fun and this is what happened a few weeks ago at our photography class in Wells when the weather wasn’t kind and we had to cancel our trip to the coast.  We were forced to stay inside and were encouraged to use glass as a subject for a still life shoot.




We had a very happy time and everyone produced some very creative images.


I was very pleased when I could see what seemed to be landscapes appearing on my camera – stormy skies, swirling clouds, far away beaches, approaching storms – amazing when all I had in front of me was a Coke bottle, a flash light and some blue card!

Great pictures Anne – think you ought to submit them to Coca-Cola – there could be a fee in it for you. Many thanks  – Robin

These and other pictures featured in this blog over the last few months may well be appearing in a summer exhibition in North Norfolk under the care of the Wells Phototutor Julia Rafferty. Watch this space for more details