Featuring the Dower House Garden Morville Hall Shropshire

Sounds familiar? Well maybe you could be forgiven for missing the book The Morville Hours by Katherine Swift and perhaps you weren’t listening when it was chosen as the Book of the Week by BBC Radio 4.










Less forgivable though would be that you have driven through the village of Morville in Shropshire and ignored it.


The maze at the centre of the garden

I will agree it is not easy to find and local tourist information offices (inasmuch as they still exist) do not always display prominently the garden opening hours. But a little scrabbling around on the internet will usually come up with the details.





Morville Hall is owned by the National Trust and the Dower House is lived in as a private residence by Dr Swift. In 1988 she set about creating a garden that would interpret the 1000 years history of the site.



The garden tells the history of Morville Hall from the coming of the Benedictine monks in 1138 through the years of Elizabeth 1st reign, the Civil War, the Georgian and Victorian eras and the early part of the 20th century.




Each garden within the garden is an interpretation of the style, mood even the spirituality of the time it represents.






The Closter Garden

It is not what one would describe as a show garden. It is a mission or even a pilgrimage in progress.

The “wild garden” dispels any notion of formality in that respect.

In addition for those, who like me, think that garden appreciation and photography should be mixed with food , will be delighted to learn that for a small sum tea and scones, served by the lady herself, are available in the kitchen of the house when you have finished meandering round.



Food for the body and the mind!