Photo of the Week …My Angel of the North

Good Friday and I feel I ought to have something religious here.

There is always the wonderful Antony Gormley creation – Angel of the North. I am unable to drive along the Western Bypass at Newcastle without glancing rapidly in its direction. (With the state of that road – glancing rapidly is about all one can safely manage) The sculpture is for me compelling and magnificent.

We visited it a short time ago and I am always intrigued by people’s reaction to it. If you look closely at the large picture and notice the little girl on the right with her arms stretched out as well. A miniature angel of the north? but also an image of a crucifixion I think.




However my angel of the north might be found a little further north off the island of Lindisfarne.

There as the sun goes down and the tide closes something speaks to me about God and religion. Not quite as substantial as Mr Gormley’s creation but perhaps as near as I get these days.

Have a Good Friday.