Featuring the work of Norwich Outdoor Painting Group

Wednesday’s weather proved to be wet, foggy and miserable. I had already driven out to Happisburgh and Barton Turf in the hope of some photographs, all to no avail, but I had arranged to visit a group of artists who meet each Wednesday in Norwich before going to a chosen location to paint or sketch.


We met at the Forum around 10am and after a few coffees, or a hot chocolate and a bun out they went into the city. The location this week was to be around the Nat West Bank in London Street.











Without more ado easels were set up (including Leon’s which proved to be part of his bicycle) and they went to work.

It’s true to say this all generated a lot of interest from passers-by even the refuse collectors took a rapid break to have a quick peep at someone’s work.


I enjoyed meeting the group and wonder if there are more budding artists out there who would value the contact with them.

Richard Bond the organiser may be found on a Facebook page facebook


and the work of Norwich Outdoor Painting Group may also be located at. facebook















Those who know me will also know that I am not a terribly experienced art critic, but I think the work which is being currently displayed on their website is fabulous. It captures the mood and weather on the day exactly.

Many thanks to Steve who introduced me and to all the artists for letting me hang around with the camera.

Other pictures taken with the group may be found at http://www.myerscoughpictures.org.uk/features/features.html