Needing…Wanting and Liking

dsc03992One of my friends used to delight in giving me good advice on how to manage my computer.

His conversation would begin

“What you need is …”

I never actually had the heart to say to him

“I would like it and when I have enough money in the bank, I may want it, but in reality I don’t need it.”

There are very few things in life that we actually “need.” Oxygen comes pretty high on my list, closely followed by water and food. Shelter is quite useful and I’m a miserable git if, from time to time, I don’t get an encouraging cuddle.


I do find that I want certain things. A basic level of security, a roof over my head, justice when someone backs in to my car (especially if it’s into the Land Rover) and so on.











Then we get to the things I would like. So – how long have you got? The list could be quite lengthy and, as you may guess, Santa isn’t going to be able to get most of them down the chimney.


Last weekend I visited The Societies Convention Trade show 2017 at the London Hilton Metropole Hotel. Most of the major camera manufacturers were there, so too were the presenters – audio-visual and paper. It was a great jolly get-together.


dsc05456Photographers trying to impress, models trying not to look bored. Salesmen wondering where their next bonus might be coming from and the punters roaming round anxious for a bargain that frankly wasn’t going to materialise at an event such as that.


And what did I hear on the Hasselblad stand as I sauntered by trying ever so hard not to look lustfully at the cameras? “Ah what you need sir is…”

Should I stop the salesman in the midst of his spiel to correct him?

Would he have thanked me for a brief lecture on linguistic philosophy and the etymology of the word “need”?

I suspect not.

I was very impressed by the polished style of some of the presenters and even picked up the odd tip. Most of the useful tips I pick up are odd.


However to the point of this week’s blog. I have been asked several times how I manage successfully to connect my Samsung Tablet to my camera and what sort of advantages it has. The advantages depend on the software one loads on to the tablet or iPad. The connector is the important thing.

The good news is that they are really inexpensive. My USB On the Go cable cost me 46p from Maplins. The dearest one I have seen comes from StarTech and costs £3.59.

I loaded the free app DSLR controller on to my Samsung Tablet, linked the On the Go cable and a standard USB cable I use for downloading pictures between the camera and the tablet and hey presto off we went – full control of the camera – including focusing – from the tablet.


Just one practical suggestion – make sure you take your iPad or tablet with you when you purchase the short cable. The fitting for an iPad is different from the one on the tablet. I think there are only two but you really need to get the right one.


Did anyone notice the word? Shame!