Things aren’t what they used to be

Things definitely weren’t “what they used to be” on Friday.


We used to have a jolly walk along the prom on a Friday

This week we had a storm surge and the sort of tides no one needs


We used to be able to go to the supermarket to do the weekend shopping

This week we had snow and so the whole affair was a slippery sliding sort of do – most unpleasant and unnerving.


We used to have an internet connection so that I could post my blog.

This week we had a nasty little exclamation mark in the internet connection icon and no link to the world wide web..


I thought it might be a temporary phenomenon and so I was patient. Then I tried to contact our service provider. My guess is that all the other people in North Norfolk were trying to do the same thing.

“We are sorry to keep you waiting – please continue to hold – your call is important to us.”

(Not half as important as it is to me!)

“Alternatively you can contact us by going on line to www…etc”

That struck me as the ultimate insult. If I am phoning to complain that my Broadband link isn’t working and I can’t get on the internet – how can I possibly contact them on www etc etc.


In the old days one could phone the operator, ask to be put through to faults and wind up talking to a bored little man with a Birmingham accent who would agree, when he’d finished his cup of tea and a fag, he’d go and have a tweak at a few switches to rectify the issue. And usually he managed it


What did I get? Well eventually a lovely lady somewhere in the Indian subcontinent who was greatly hampered by her vox equipment (voice operated transmission) which in effect meant that every sentence she spoke I was only able to hear from about the third syllable onwards and each time she passed for breath or thought her link to me dropped. I found it frustrating and she must have thought me rude for asking her to repeat everything. She kindly agreed to do tests on the line and said she would ring me back. Sadly I fear her shift must have ended before the tests were complete because there was no phone call back and I wound up at 5am re-contacting the help centre. Things aren’t what etc etc.


Last week someone said the pictures on the Blog lacked zest. I thought zest was that fizzy stuff on the top of sparkling drinks – however. If zest is the order of the day take a look at these.


Last year Photoshop had a crack at my five fold 360 degree panorama and came up with something that looked like an over worked butterfly.

This I modified in to the well known dinner plate as it became known in the family.


Now with some new panoramic software from Kolor called Autopan Pro – we have picture number 3. This uses the same 60 images as before but allows many more projections than Photoshop.


Agreeing things aren’t what they used to be but in this case things could just be getting better.