The things you do when you’ve got a cold (Pictures of the week)

When I have a cold I do a lot of listening to the radio and then wonder why I don’t do so more often.


This week in between coughing and sneezing I heard about the Lunar Society. Back in the 18th century this loosely formed group included such notable people as Josiah Wedgewood, James Watt, the industrialist Matthew Boulton and William Small who had been a professor of Natural Philosophy at a colonial university. While the aims, rules and frequency of meetings are lost in the mists of time, it is alleged that they met on evenings when there was a full moon which ensured that their journey home afterwards would be easier and safer in the absence of street lighting. Members cheerfully referred to themselves as lunarticks – a pun on the more derogatory title lunatics.


Several weeks ago, if the society had still been in existence members would have had a bonanza because there was this super-moon when the moon came closer to the earth than it had in decades.


0n8a5059I was aware one morning of fantastic amounts of moonlight around 5am. Sure enough there was the moon – so I hauled the camera, tripod and 400mm lens out of bed for the occasion. Not fantastic pictures when you consider what can be achieved with a telescope and a camera clipped to it, but in a week when I find it difficult to stabilize a camera when sneezing these will have to do.