It had to be seasonal of course (Pictures of the Week)

You thought I was too old for that sort of thing,


but any harsh words Santa and I have had in the past about delivering the wrong present to me or not grabbing my notes sent up the chimney were forgotten last Wednesday when Father Christmas came to Holt.








Clearly Santa was in posing mood for photographers and he was happy to spend a few minutes with me before he embarked on his 21st century method of transport – a motorised Jeep.


He reckoned it was faster between rooftops that the old sleigh towed by reindeer. Exhaust fumes could be left behind when one stepped on the throttle – infinitely better than sitting behind those animals – especially after they had been fed.

Have I got a surprise for you (click and see)

Have I got a surprise for you (click and see)

All in all Holt Christmas lights were a great success and, I hope, a great boon for traders.

My thanks to all concerned – especially those who organised the fireworks and the weather.