Walsingham’s House of Correction (Pictures of the week)

I wonder if you remember pictures of Walsingham like this



And perhaps you may remember incidents like this – albeit once a year


Last week I discovered the answer to all the poor police problems. There is actually a jail in Walsingham. It is tucked away just behind the car park and only a stones-throw from the market place where all the protesters gather during the annual national pilgrimage.


It is rather a grim old place but seems to be kept in good condition. Actually there is also a resident inmate – a lady who seems to have been forgotten and to date has not escaped.



















The prison was built in 1787. The original building contained eight cells, including a special dark cell (used for punishment within the prison itself), a chapel and day room. It was enlarged in 1822 when a further 16 cells were added.  In 1823 five tread wheels were installed for grinding corn. These served as both exercise and punishment for the inmates.






img_0524I can’t help thinking that this could be the answer to all the agro during the national pilgrimage. What I am less sure about though is who we ought to put in there – the Protestant Evangelical protesters or the hooligan element of the Anglo Catholic wing.


Thanks Cecilia for arranging for us to go in – and letting us out at the end.