Adobe wins again – or at least they didn’t Paper Textures (Pro)?


texturesproIf you are thinking of using Adobe Paper Textures beware there are two programs.

Adobe Paper Textures


Adobe Paper Textures Pro


The first you can get with Photoshop CS6 but according to the instructions you can’t get it with earlier versions of Photoshop.

The Pro version is only available for those using Photoshop CC


That was me out I had Photoshop CS6 so I was after Adobe Paper Textures


Down it came into my download box

Extract it ?       No it simply wouldn’t play.



It didn’t tell me whether it was the download that was faulty or my copy of Extension Manager. So I renewed both of them.


The new Extension Manager wouldn’t open at all and I only got round this one by copying the folder from a friend’s computer who had managed to download it successfully.

Once this was installed extracting Paper Textures was a piece of cake.


Morals of this story

  1. Make sure you go for the correct version of Adobe Paper Textures. The Pro version will only work with Photoshop CC
  2. Make sure that your copy of Extension Manager and Paper Textures are the same versions. You can’t rely on the original Extension Manager when you installed the complete program.