Behaving Badly in York – my pictures of the week


It could only be York

It could only be York

shamblespan1aWe had a great visit to the city, but there was shopping to be done. Isn’t there always! Moya found this fantastic hat shop in the Pavement (don’t get confused if you don’t know York… The Pavement is the name of a street). Now I’m not really in to wearing, or even purchasing hats so I went for a little wander with the camera. For those who know York you can probably guess what is coming next. Just across the road is The Shambles. I just wondered if there was a different way to photograph this rather distinctive street – so I had a go.

Also just off Pavement is an amazing yard Lady Peckett’s Yard. Last time I tried to get a picture of it the area seemed to have grown all sorts of hanging boards and graffiti – but the authorities and possibly the local residents have had something of a clean up. So two pictures taken in the time it takes to buy a hat.

Lady Peckett's Yard

Lady Peckett’s Yard