Faded Glory – My picture of the week

Last Saturday I attended the annual Edith Cavell memorial service. Perhaps I wasn’t quite with it for the service that marked the 101st year after her death.


It’s one of those incidents that I think everyone would prefer not to have happened. Theimg_0437

Brits who screamed “terrible” aimg_0998t the heavens – with great effect.

The enemy who committed at that time an unforgivable blunder, although had it been the second world war I think the outcome would have

been faster, more brutal and probably unnoticed

The stupid repatriated soldiers who sent “Thank you for helping me” postcards to her once they arrived home!


I wasn’t terribly convinced either by the Passion of Edith Cavell pictures. They were unusual.

Full marks for the Belgian ambassador who turned up for the ceremony and to the gentleman who provided me with my picture of the week