On yer bike



Stung by the criticism “Your blog isn’t really very jolly anymore.” I thought this week I would get my own back and do something that is a bit different. After all it is the end of the sailing season so boat pictures are going to be few in number and I have just spent goodness how many hours trying to blend pictures of the seaside so I began to look for something a bit different.









One suggestion was – “Why don’t you tell us where you go on your bike.” That seemed reminiscent of what my mother used to say when I complained that I was bored. It didn’t happen often, but when I moaned that I had nothing to do the suggestion came back. “Why don’t you go for a ride on your bicycle.

No wonder motorists swerve!

No wonder motorists swerve!









It’s the sort of thing parents the world over say. Perhaps now that we have had such amazing results in the Olympics more youngsters will be inclined to rise to the bait.

Sadly I don’t know where the nearest velodrome is and I am not sure I would get on terribly well on a bike with no brakes, so we’ll stick to the narrow country lanes.


So that’s it. I decided that it’s a nice morning. The sun is shining and I thought I would go for a ride and take you with me. Mind you, you’ll have to keep up. Put your helmet on (and a right Wally you’ll look in it!) nevertheless it keeps you safe.


We’ll go down the back road, through the wood, past pubs (not that they are going to be open at this time of day) then up and over the hill beyond Baconsthorpe.

Off we go – keep up.dsc05203

Never mind the DPD van trying to overtake he’s always in too much of a hurry.
Er – the dustbin lorry is a bit more bulky – better give way for him.
Total pedalling time around 45 minutes. Okay?



So next week you’ll happily settle for a picture of the week again?

Though so!

Have a good recovery.